• Green Remedies values our independent professional relationship with National, Regional and Local Haulers and Recycling Companies who align with our fair and ethical business philosophy.
  • Green Remedies takes a cooperative approach with Service Providers to procure the most economical, cost efficient and responsible solution for our client’s solid waste handling and recycling needs.
  • Unlike other brokerage, agency and consulting firms, Green Remedies does not seek an adversarial approach toward our Providers but we seek to do business with honorable and responsible Providers
  • Our competitive market approach provides our Providers with a fair opportunity to increase their business
  • We welcome you to complete our Vendor Qualification Form to apply to be a pre-qualified Vendor of Green Remedies.


Green Remedies is pleased to offer you the opportunity to become an Authorized Vendor with our company. As a Pre-qualified Authorized Vendor your company will be invited to quote every new business opportunity in your market area. You may go to Vendor Application to request our Vendor Qualification Form (VCF).