You work hard to create a great experience, a pleasant environment and a wonderful meal for your customers. You want your customers coming back over and over again and telling others about how satisfied they were with their experience. Your industry operates off razor thin margins. You need a waste solutions provider who understands and helps provide a well thought out program to provide regular, timely, reliable, and low cost solid waste management solutions. 

As your single point of contact we will dispatch for each location; a single point to call or contact by using our proprietary online mobile app.

GRWR will review the needs, contracts, invoices, services and activities of each facility and create a sourcing and savings solution that works for you and for each of your facilities. We understand the vendor’s operations, costs, services and the market rates and we put this knowledge to work for you.

We will also evaluate your waste generation activities to help you optimize the services needed at the lowest possible rates for your program. We will determine the right mix of scheduled services and equipment for each of your properties and source out the highest quality haulers and vendors at very competitive low rates.

  • We provide your single source contact for all your waste management needs
  • We provide you the timely services that you need helping you keep your facilities looking great
  • We provide focused, prompt and friendly and responsive customer service
  • We manage your bulk pick-ups and special needs expeditiously
  • We protect your bottom line from hauler’s hidden and tack on fees

Do you have special needs or seek a comprehensive waste management programs? Your GRWR representative can tap into our extensive network of service providers to offer a turnkey solution to provide:

  • Waste evaluations and cost reduction & containment solutions
  • Container & equipment selections and change out program
  • Grease-trap maintenance services
  • Recovery & recycling solutions for:
    • used restaurant cooking grease
    • fats, oils and grease (FOG) from restaurant grease traps
    • inedible meat, fat, bone by-products

GRWR will take care of all of your service needs and handle all issues with the haulers and vendors. You will know your activities, your costs and your savings by using Green Remedies solutions. We will professionally handle your day-to-day waste removal and management needs.

For more information about Green Remedies Waste and Recycling, call us at 1 (888) 574-4363 or contact us online.