Multi-family property management is a challenging field with many demands; to design, build and operate comfortable, clean, safe and well maintained facilities that are both affordable for your tenants and yet provide a satisfactory return for your huge investment of time, money and resources. The challenges grow exponentially with each added location and again when locations are added in different localities and geographic regions. As a leader in solid waste management solutions for multi-family housing and communities, GRWR understands and meets the unique needs and demands of each of your properties while saving you money and time.

With GRWR as your independent outsourced solution, we take responsibility as your advocate and guardian to manage your solid waste needs at each facility and save you money at each location. You will benefit from our expertise, market leverage and extensive network of qualified hauling, recycling and equipment vendors to get great service and save time and money.

We will be your single point of contact for each location, no matter where each of your facilities are located. As your single point of contact we will dispatch for each location; a single point to call or contact by using our proprietary online mobile app. GRWR will review the needs, contracts, invoices, services and activities of each facility and create a sourcing and savings solution that works for you and for each of your facilities. We understand the vendor’s operations, costs, services and the market rates and we put this knowledge to work for you.

Individual complexes are not able to leverage the power of the multi locations operations; even more so, we bring leverage, control and savings. We will offer you consolidated billings that itemize activities for each complex. You will receive ongoing savings reports that document your savings by location and time period. You will learn best practices and duplicate these operations at each complex.

We do recognize that each facility has its own unique needs and challenges which is why we help create a plan for each facility and yet use our market leverage and network to lock in remarkable savings with great customer service. Individual facilities need an optimized plan that right sizes the waste management to fit their unique needs.

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