Frequently Asked Questions

Quest Resource Management Group (and Green Remedies) is your single outsourced solution focused on comprehensive waste solutions and exceptional customer service. Our commitment is to give you responsive and responsible customer service. We provide efficient and effective solutions that save you time while we get the job done.

Quest Resource Management Group (and Green Remedies) is an independent outsourced solution working exclusively for our client’s solid waste management needs. We work solely in the best interest of our clients to offer them the best and most cost-effect solid waste solutions to meet their business goals. We have no restrictive affiliations with equipment sources, haulers or processing centers and we do not receive any commissions or compensation from any third-party providers.

We will not charge fees for our services based on either the amount of savings we generate for you nor on a fixed cost basis. Quest Resource Management and Green Remedies is an independent outsourced solution and we assume the obligations for your solid waste needs rather than just processing your paperwork. That saves the finger pointing and shifting of responsibility that is often inherent in agency agreements.

Quest Resource Management (and Green Remedies) provides our client with an Outsourced Solution and assumes the responsibilities for their solid waste management and recycling needs. The traditional consultant will provide certain services and advice for a fee. Our industry experts serve you in an inherent advisory role; however, since we assume the obligations of your solid waste needs, we have to back up our advice and recommendations with performance.

Most companies do not have the resources to make sure they have the optimum solution and best pricing for their waste handling and recycling needs. There is no risk having Quest Resource Management Group evaluate your waste and recycling program. There often are opportunities to deliver greater value by reducing your liability, protecting resources and improving efficiencies.

Quest qualifies and selects the Haulers based on the best solution for our clients. We qualify their abilities, experience, safety, insurance coverage, competitiveness and more. We model the custom solution and pricing program to meet your needs. Individual trash haulers are limited in their ability to provide customized solutions that fit your needs and goals. They must use their equipment, their landfills, and their recycling resources and are often limited in their ability to negotiate rates.

Quest Resource Management Group has experience successfully managing multi-site and multi-state properties. We are rigorous in our pursuit to create the best solution to your overall multi-site and multi-state needs. We provide a single point of contact for all your service needs with the responsibility to dispatch, expedite, confirm and verify your services and rates.

As part of our modeling process, we look at your current contracts, local ordinances and current haulers. We then optimize each location accordingly. This does not necessarily mean we have to change providers. All providers are different and most value long-term business relationships over short term excess profits.

We review the contracts with your current vendors to understand all of the terms of each agreement. Where possible and with your permission, we will effect a switch over to Quest (Green Remedies) or otherwise manage the account for you until it can be switched. We will seek to remove onerous, one-sided and punitive terms. So, we can still evaluate your current services and manage the program in multiple areas, whether franchised or non-franchised providers service the area.

We partner with companies like yours to analyze, streamline and efficiently manage environmental services. All manifests, profiles, weight tickets and other operational data are available electronically and may be accessed through your customer portal. Custom reporting is available and ongoing client reviews help in achieving your green sustainability goals.

Municipalities (cities and counties) in franchised areas may or may not regulate the solid waste provider you are required to use. Even if you must stay with the municipals vendor it may still be wise to allow Green Remedies to manage your multiple sites, provide consolidated billing and to recommend service levels that can generate both soft and hard dollar savings for you.

No, we provide a schedule of services and associated fees for our client’s solid waste handling and recycling needs.