Cost Savings

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We use our audit and review process as a platform to identify your savings opportunities, advocate on your behalf for refunds, and to propose a go-forward solution that will procure your future savings. We will use our competitive knowledge and market leverage for your benefit. You will see administrative savings, audit results savings, waste strategy savings, operational savings and rate savings with GRWR.

We will do the reviews and set up a management program for you. As an independent waste solutions company we will provide you a “one-stop shop” solution for all your location’s waste needs.

Our team consists of industry experts with years in the waste management industry. We know where and what to look for to get you the best rates and protect you from price abuse. We are high volume purchasers of waste services putting our strength to work for you to get you the best rates for all of your locations. Our clients have achieved typical savings in the range of 30% to 50%.