About Us

As part of Quest Resource Management Group (NASDAQ: QRHC), we are environmental and waste experts providing independent nationwide solid-waste management and recycling services which generate remarkable cost savings and develop environmentally responsible solutions for our clients.

  • Your waste solutions advocate and guardian
  • Your independent solution working to save you $$$
  • Your single point of contact for all your solid waste needs
  • Your access to a turnkey solution without additional fees
  • Your comprehensive waste manager service
  • Your simplified and consolidated billing and reporting solution
  • Your multi-location solid waste manager providing an extensive network of qualified Hauling, Recycling and Equipment vendors.

Our clients have been rewarded with normal savings through the services and efforts of Green Remedies Waste and Recycling. In brief, we have achieved these savings through operational and financial structuring. Our process includes rigorous reviews, restructuring, right-sizing, renegotiating, rebidding and regulating the waste management and recycling services for our clients. We welcome you to our website and invite you to learn more about what we do to achieve exceptional savings for our clients.

We are focused on solid waste and recycling management solutions and best practices for our clients. We are committed to ethical and responsible business practices with all and toward philanthropic activities that will benefit others.

You may contact us for a free review, evaluation and proposal for your waste management needs.